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The Stewart News


W. R. Hull was the editor of the Stewart News and a friend of everyone in Stewart.

Each morning, at opening time, he would purchased a bottle of Scotch (he was not the only member of the 'one a day club").

"Rube," as he was known up and down the coast, was a boomtown printer, and had the tedious job of not only collecting the news, but setting it in type, by hand. 

A four-page weekly, such as the News, consumed a lot of long hours, sometimes 12 and more a day.

He sat on his high stool before his home-made type cases, he would keep on working, even as we talked, although you never could understand how he was able to conduct a conversation and keep track of the demanding task at hand. 

His only light was a 100-watt globe which, unshaded, hung from a drop cord from the ceiling, Rube's eyes protected from its harsh glare only by the green visor he wore on his forehead. 

At times, he would sit back, enjoying his old pipe, and reminisce. Then, inevitably, he would reach for his bottle of Scotch, which was tied around the neck with string and secured to the drop light which dangled over the type cases. 

After a good drink, straight from the bottle, he would be well away for another hour. The bottle would remain, suspended, until he went home, about 10 p.m. 

Rube was quite a storyteller, and told many tales of the north country, as well as Indian folklore.

Mr. & Mrs. Applewhaite left Stewart to take up residence in Prince Rupert in 1942. Ted was appointed the Secretary of the Prince Rupert Board of Trade.

He continued to sell Sun Life Assurance and took an active role in federal Liberal affairs. In June 1946 he was elected to Parliament to represent the residents in the Skeena Riding. He was re-elected in 1953 and was appointed to the position of Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

After the completion of his second term in Ottawa he was appointed as a Stipendiary Magistrate at Prince Rupert Ted died in Prince Rupert on September 12. 1964 at the age of 65.

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