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Loading railcar at Dunwell Mines


Ernest Love was a World War 1 veteran who arrived in Stewart in the early 1920’s to work at the Stewart Electric light plant.

The hydroelectric power plant was situated next to the Bear River, at the bottom of mountain just below the Silverado slide area.

The International Power Company owned the power plant with E. R. Workman, as the owner of the company, and Ernest Love the Manager.

Fire destroyed the plant in January 1932 and power was supplied from Barney Gulch and the Dunwell Mill site.

In May 1932 the company was sold to the Power Corporation of Canada and the new company operated as the Northern B.C. Power with its headquarters in Prince Rupert.

Ernie Love started a new company to supply telephone service to the area. This Firm was called the Portland Canal Telephone and Telegraph Company and supplied telephone service to Stewart and Hyder. The Hyder Radio Telegraph situated on the approach to the Hyder Dock supplied the telegraph service.

The telephone office was on located on south side of 6th street near the present museum. The lower floor of the two-story building had an office and a room that housed the switchboard. The upper portion was the living quarters for the Mr. and Mrs. Love and their son Ernest.

Ernest did the line work and looked after the telephone installation. His wife and son looked after the switchboard and other residents were hired to man the board during the night hours. Ernest also undertook various other jobs such a dismantling the United Empire tram.

Ernie, and three other men, died as the result of a car accident on the Stewart Hyder road in July 1952 at the age of 64.

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