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Harry Zeffertt

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Harry Zeffertt, now there was a man who had what it takes to get on.

When Harry landed in Stewart, he was almost destitute, he told me, and landed his first job as a pearl diver, or dishwasher, at one of the camps.

But, being alert to opportunity, he ordered an electric iron and began to clean and press pants for the men in camp at 50 cents a pair. Ties cost a dime.

It meant long hours, but he was ambitious, later opening a pressing establishment in town. Business increased and he enlarged his line to include men's wear.

In the boom days of the late '20s, he built a new store with apartments upstairs (the best building of its kind in town).

By this time he had married a very pleasant and popular Vancouver lady. Harry, Mrs. Zeffertt and family moved south when things slackened off and opened a business in Vancouver.


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