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Photo - Rennie's Pack Train Hauling in wares to mine site

This group of four claims was staked in 1944 by E. G. Langille, of Stewart, and H. Melville, of Premier. The claims lie in a line along the west shore of Summit Lake north of the Morris Summit holdings and extend one claim-length west of the shore.

In 1945 the group was optioned to Leta Explorations, Limited, and this company did 1,250 feet of stripping and open-cutting and 2,730 feet of diamond drilling before dropping the option in the autumn of 1946.

Erratic mineralization on the property is within schistose folded siltstones of the Bowser assemblage. Surface weathering in this zone has produced weak gossanlike areas extending from the lakeshore west toward the intrusive contact.

The property is described by White (Ann. Rept., 1946) as follows--

The showings are very irregular siliceous replacement bodies containing disconnected streaks and large masses of sulphides. The deposits appear unrelated to any definite structural features, but several unmineralized northwesterly and westerly striking shear zones, having a composite and branching structure into which some of the mineralized zones tend to merge and die out, may have some significance.

The sulphide mineralization, similar to that on the Morris Summit property, is characterized by abundant fine-grained pyrrhotite, with smaller amounts of pyrite, arsenopyrite, and chalcopyrite, and occasional grains of sphalerite and galena.

The property shows distribution and shapes of the mineralized zones, the diverse nature of shear planes within the composite shear zones, and the distribution of massive sulphide and siliceous bodies.

The results of 19 channel samples and five samples of selected mineralization taken from the deposits are given in tabular form in Figure 38. It will be noted that the gold content is very erratic and apparently is not proportional to the total amount of sulphides.

Assays of specimens of fairly pure pyrite and of pyrrhotite do not indicate a preference of gold for either mineral. More study will be necessary to determine the mineral associations of the gold.


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