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Looking Down on Stewart from the Mobile Claims

Mobile Claims

Photo - Looking down on Stewart from the Mobile Claims

The Mobile located claims numbers 1 to 10 are about 4 miles north-east of Stewart between elevations 3,000 feet to 5,000 feet along Big Gulch Creek, a southerly fork of Glacier Creek.

With reference to the Crown-grant claim, the claims are bounded on the north by the Billy (Lot 2954) and Kootnay (Lot 1385).

The eastern line of Mobile claims includes a narrow strip of the old Chicago group of Crown-granted claims located in 1911.

The Mobile claims are presently owned by G. H. Kendrick and were grouped in 1965 and optioned to Anglo United Development Corporation Limited. Old work on known mineralization included five short adits and several trenches on the west side of Big Gulch Creek between elevations 3,700 feet and 3,900 feet.

This general area was included within the boundaries of the Mobile No. 5 claim, where geochemical surveys have recently been performed.

Mineralization consists of narrow, erratic, quartz-carbonate-sulphide lenses along steep north-northeast-trending shear zones in deformed graphitic Bowser silt-stones.

Although reportedly 2,000 feet long, the main zone is not continuous and the visible mineralization seldom has a width of more than a few inches.

Minerals identified in the veins include galena, sphalerite, pyrite, minor argentite, tetrahedrite, proustite, and rare native gold. Reported gold-silver and base metal values are erratic and generally low.

Work performed on the property in 1964 and 1966 for Anglo United Development Corporation Limited consisted mainly of geochemical surveys intended to outline mineralization other than that already developed.

The results of these surveys were not encouraging and exploration was not continued.


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