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This property, comprising the Virginia K., Virginia K. Extension, and Star Crown-granted claims and fractions is near the head of American Creek on the ridge east of Kimball Lake.

The original Virginia K. claims were located in 1929 and the group of 15 claims and fractions was surveyed in 1940.

A number of small vein deposits have been developed on the property between the creek bottom at about 1,600 feet and the ridge at 4,500 feet elevation. Country rocks are mainly folded Bowser sediments which overlie Hazelton volcanic rocks and sediments.

The mineralization primarily consists of quartz calcite veins and stringers which occur as fissure veins in minor shears and fractures and along bedding fractures. The various veins have been explored by trenches and short adits located on the Star No. 2 Fraction, Virginia K. Fraction, and the Virginia K. No. 5 claims.

The continuity of this apparent northeasterly zone has been tested by scattered trenches but not proved. Sulphide minerals in the veins include pyrite, galena, sphalerite, minor chalcopyrite, and tetrahedrite.

Native gold and silver, as well as rare electrum, have been reported from the quartz-calcite stringers.

Since 1938 the property has been largely inactive with minor exploration and hand-mining of high-grade sections.


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