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Photo - Alien bodies were found near Stewart, BC


On February 22, 2000, UFO*BC received an e-mail from a helicopter pilot now living in the West Indies. He had happened across our website and thought we might be interested in his story. A few years ago, while working in northern BC, he was involved in the search for a cave, possibly containing alien bodies!!! His e-mail to us is re-printed below. By an amazing coincidence, we received a letter a few days later from Rob Bailey, one of two researchers involved in the hunt for the cave. He enclosed a copy of a fax that he had sent to Art Bell describing the case. The fax is reproduced below. It was Rob's partner, Ed Komarek, that had been with the helicopter pilot in 1998.

Helicopter Pilot:

Hello there. I am a commercial helicopter pilot presently working in Antigua in the West Indies. For 3 years (1995-98) I worked for XXXXXXX of British Columbia at their base in Smithers.

In the spring of 97' while on the internet, I found a story about 2 B.C. Provincial Police officers (not RCMP), in 1937 who, while searching for a suspect, happened upon a cave which contained what they thought were the bodies of 4 humans.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that the bodies were not human, but something else. The rest of the story goes on for awhile, but in the article, it said that the team investigating this claim were planning a search of an area near Stewart B.C. that summer. That happened to be near where I was based in the summer months, so I sent them an email to see if they needed any helicopter support for their project.

I received a reply the next day with an enthusiastic yes to my offer. That summer, an individual from the U.S. traveled up to Meziadin where I was based and we did 2 days of flying in the area. During this time he told me that the story had come from a childhood encounter of his with an old friend of the family when he told them of this story. He did some research and eventually found the old man near death in B.C. He told him the story again and made him believe that this actually happened. Why would a 90 year old man fake a story like that. There are reports of this man and another officer actually going on this search for a suspect in the same year and in the same area in the Stewart archives.

Anyway, a very interesting story, and one of the more interesting flights I have ever made, searching for a cave full of aliens! After hearing the entire story it is hard not to believe it, even though the concept is beyond belief. If you want to hear more of the story, let me know and I will send you another email. According to the man from the U.S., I am the only other person who knows the details of what to look for to find this cave. There are MANY caves in Northwestern B.C. We narrowed the search down, but this is a massive area we are talking about.

Yours truly,

Anonymous (by request)

Researcher Rob Bailey: (fax to Art Bell)

Dear Art:

1) Enjoy your show immensely! I have a story that may be of interest to you.

2) Since l995, my partner and I have been involved in a recovery operation to excavate five(5) alien skeletons.

3) The skeletons were originally discovered in 1938 by Constable Larry Requa, who was a member of the British Columbia Provincial Police (BCPP), while searching for a missing trapper in a remote glacial area near the Alaskan/Canadian border north/northwest of Stewart, British Columbia.

4) We interviewed Mr. Requa in 1995 at great length, i.e. - 3 hours, and at the age of 91 he had an amazing recollection: The 5 alien skeletons were positioned in a remote cave and had extended craniums. One of the entities had a metal medallion on, imprinted with star symbols. All 5 entities were facing a stone altar and it was Constable Requa's impression that these beings had been "stranded" as they could not leave the earth. The cave had unusual characteristics as it appears to wind in a vertical configuration and the walls were extremely smooth as if these beings had used a "boring device" to make the tunnels within the cave.

5) We are planning a 3rd and final trip in July 2000 to extricate the skeletons from the cave. If we are successful then we would be pleased to announce the results of our findings on your show.

Best Regards,

Rob Bailey

Both the helicopter pilot and Rob Bailey were contacted by telephone to request permission to post this information, and to clear up a few discrepancies. The correct information is as follows:

1) Constable Larry Requa found the skeletons in 1938, not 1937.

2) There were 5 skeletons, not 4.

3) Ed Komarek and helicopter pilot searched for the cave in 1998, not 1997.

4) When interviewed in 1995 by Rob Bailey and Ed Komarek, Larry Requa was 91 and in relatively good health.

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