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Photo - Granduc had a townsite built in Stewart to house employees


This Elementary School was one of the first additions to the Stewart community. Later a new high school was completed, giving the town a complete system of primary and secondary education.The area chosen for the company residential development within the town boundaries lies between the Bear River, King Street, McBride Avenue, and 19th Avenue. The neighbourhood has been designed to be conducive to pleasant living conditions, and one that is served by such convenient and recreational facilities as are considered necessary in good quality residential development.

Modern planning concepts have created pleasant streets with low volume local traffic leading to peripheral collector streets. Road paving will commence soon through the subdivision in conjunction with a paving program of the Department of Highways. Street orientation has been aligned in a pre-dominantly north-south direction to give each home maximum sun to front and rear yard of properties. Sewer, water and electrical service have been installed to each property.

Landscaped parks and pedestrian ways provide convenient play space for children and access to the new school and indoor ice arena bordering the neighbourhood on its south side.


The townsite where many Granduc employees lived, was planned to perserve unspoiled the forests and the surrounding community. A staged program of rental housing to accommodate approximately 350 single office and married personnel in- corporates a wide range of housing types within the subdivision including I and 2 bedroom apartments, town- houses, duplexes, and detached houses, ensuring rental levels consistent with income for all employee groups. Single mine and mill personnel are housed at Tide Lake.

Design parameters for housing were evolved to allow for the heavy snow fall and high water table conditions. All de- tached family housing has large indoor play space for children and room for winter hobbies. The varied front yard set backs and carport locations create an interesting street view with land scaped yards provided to all units.

A pleasant place for children and adult alike has been developed amid the rugged mountain backdrop and open vista down Portland Canal, with forest and the beauty of nature close at hand. Stewart is coming to life again as an 'instant town' with a hundred year history.

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